February 2, 2023

Meet the Caramel Heartthrob

Looking for the perfect way to spice up your Valentine’s Day? Here we have it, our latest creation, the Caramel Heartthrob. 

Wanna know how?!

Step 1
Mix 1x tbs of Ground Pleasures Pink Salted Caramel Chocolate with 1x shot of Espresso

Step 2
Fill a 16oz (475ml) glass with ice, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and 200ml of your favourite milk

Step 3
Add the Espresso mix into the glass

Step 4
Mix well and add whipped cream on top and a dusting of chocolate powder

Step 5
Add a straw and Happy Valentines Day!  Enjoy on your own or add 2x straws and enjoy with a special someone!

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April 24, 2024
Café Femenino: Empowering Women, One Cup at a Time
A Taste You Can Feel Good About We all know that the best coffee gives more than just a caffeine kick. Café Femenino is proof of that. This blend is Fairtrade, Organic, and crafted entirely by women, as part of the incredible Café Femenino program. Start your day with a cup of coffee that’s rich in flavors of peach, orange, malt, and walnuts—perfect for those who love their espresso with a story. Why It’s More Than Just a Brew The Café Femenino initiative started in 2004 when 464 courageous female coffee producers in Peru chose to change their narrative from the ground up – literally. Stepping into roles traditionally held by men, these women began a journey toward economic and social independence. Now, this movement includes thousands of women across nine countries, each using coffee as a stepping stone to greater empowerment. With every pound of coffee sold, we donate 5 cents to the Café Femenino Foundation, thanks to our partnership with HA Bennetts. This money funds vital community projects – from building schools to improving healthcare – which these heroic women decide on themselves. How It All Works Café Femenino insists that participating cooperatives give women farmers control over revenues and land ownership. This economic empowerment translates into visible social change. The women of Café Femenino use their earnings to fund projects that create sustainable growth for their communities, improve health standards, and promote education among girls and boys alike. Grounds For Change By choosing Café Femenino, you’re not just buying coffee – you’re becoming part of a larger story. A story where every cup helps to foster equality, improve living conditions, and uplift communities. It’s a narrative woven by women who are reshaping their futures and inspiring change in our world. Try It For Yourself Visit Brew Coffee Roasters in-house or online to try Café Femenino for yourself. Every sip is a reminder of hard work and dedication of the women who made it. So, next time you’re near, swing by and let’s share a cup of Café Femenino together! ☕
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Delicious Perth coffee beans being poured
December 11, 2023
Brewing the Best Memories with AeroPress: The Perfect Camping Companion
Why The AeroPress Reigns Supreme There’s an incredible variety of methods to brew coffee, especially when you’re outdoors. Yet, the AeroPress has proved to be our favourite travel companion, and here’s why: Durability: You might remember the innovative, indestructible “superdisc”, made by Aerobie. Believe it or not, that’s the same genius behind the AeroPress kit! Made of polypropylene, and stainless steel, the AeroPress is designed to withstand knocks and drops without a scratch. Lightweight: We know the struggle of having to choose between the essentials when loading the car up for a road trip! Fortunately, the AeroPress Kit cements coffee as indispensable when having this conversation. Weighing just 175g, It’s the ideal travel buddy for almost all adventures. Grounds Management: Once you’ve finished brewing, the coffee grounds compress into a neat puck, which can be easily discarded, prepping the AeroPress for another round. Who said cleaning had to be a chore? Consistent Quality: Every cup made with the AeroPress kit is not just good, but great. Its consistency has garnered a cult following, leading to national AeroPress coffee-making contests! Accessorise Your Brew While the AeroPress kit is a marvel on its own, here at Brew, we offer additional bits and pieces to elevate your next outdoor brewing experience. Cold coffee is nearly as bad as no coffee! It’s essential to keep that brew hot and steamy (or icey cold if that’s more your speed) when kicking back in the outdoors. The Fressko coffee cup interlinks style and sustainability, keeping your brew hot (or cold) for up to 3 hours! Understanding The AeroPress Kit Comprising of: Brew Chamber Plunger Filter Filter Cap Brewing with the AeroPress Two techniques dominate the AeroPress world – the Traditional and Inverted methods. Both have their merits, so it’s all about personal preference. Traditional Method: This involves placing the brew chamber directly atop your mug and allowing gravity to play its part in brewing. This method may lead to some under-extraction but is great for larger mugs. 1.  Preparation Place a filter inside the filter cap. Attach the filter cap to the brew chamber. 2.  Setup Position the brew chamber on top of your coffee cup. Ensure the filter cap is facing down. 3. Coffee Addition Grind approximately 11 g of coffee beans to a fine consistency. Add the grounds into the brew chamber. 4. Bloom Pour 200g of off-boiling water into the brew chamber. Place plunger on top of the brew chamber creating a seal. Start the timer and let it sit for 2 minutes. 5. Brew Continue pouring water into the brew chamber until almost full. Let it sit for 90 seconds. 6. Plunge After waiting, give the Aeropress brew chamber and plunger a “swirl”. Slowly and steadily press down, taking about 30 seconds. Once you’ve reached the bottom, you’re done! Inverted Method: By turning the AeroPress upside down, you create a sealed chamber, ensuring no premature seepage and more control. Suitable for an 8 oz brew. 1.  Preparation Insert the plunger into the brew chamber’s back, pushing it in just about one centimetre Turn it upside down so the plunger is at the bottom. 2. Coffee Addition Grind 16 grams (roughly 5 tablespoons) of coffee to a semi-fine texture. Add the grounds to the brew chamber. 3. Bloom Boil water and then remove from heat. Pour a bit of water into the chamber just enough to wet all the grounds. Wait for 10 seconds to let the coffee “bloom”. 4. Brew Pour in the rest of the water, filling up the brew chamber. Let it steep for 60 seconds. 5. Filter Preparation If using a paper filter, put it in the filter cap and dampen it slightly. If using a metal filter, set it gently on top of the chamber. Screw on the filter basket. 6. Flip & Plunge Carefully position your mug upside down on the filter basket. Holding both the AeroPress and the mug, flip them so the mug is on the bottom. Slowly press down on the plunger, taking about 30 seconds. Once you’ve pressed all the way down, you’re finished! Post-Brew Rituals Cleaning the AeroPress is a breeze. Eject the puck, give it a rinse, and store. A tip: don’t compress the plunger inside the chamber for long to ensure the longevity of the rubber ring. Dealing with the Uncommon Blowout Rare but recoverable, a filter blowout happens due to misalignment. If faced with zero resistance during the plunge, remove the plunger, rinse, and restart the inverted method. A great coffee experience isn’t just about the brew but also the journey. With school holidays approaching, the joy is in the memories made, stories shared, and the delightful cups of coffee enjoyed together. The AeroPress Coffee Kit promises not just an excellent cup of coffee, but also unforgettable moments. So, wherever you end up these school holidays, make sure the AeroPress Kit is part of your adventure. Happy brewing!
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Brew Coffee Roasters' team strikes a pose before delivering wholesale coffee beans to customers in Perth.
October 20, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Wholesale Coffee Supplier for Your Cafe
Quality and Consistency are Key First things first, quality matters – a lot. Your customers crave that perfect cup of Joe, and it’s the wholesale roasted coffee beans that play a starring role. But it’s not just about that initial burst of flavour. Consistency is the name of the game. You want your customers to relish the same great taste every single time. Award-winning blends and unique single-origin beans? That’s what you should be seeking.  It’s More Than Just Beans A robust wholesale coffee partnership goes beyond just the beans. How about coffee equipment? The best coffee wholesale suppliers offer a broad range of industry-renowned machinery, grinders, and top-notch barista gear. After all, even the finest beans need the right equipment to shine. Training – The Unsung Hero Sure, you might have the best wholesale coffee beans and state-of-the-art equipment. But do you have a team that knows how to use them? Quality wholesale coffee suppliers provide hands-on barista training, ensuring that your staff knows the ins and outs of creating the perfect brew. A Personal Touch In the bustling world of wholesale coffee suppliers, it’s easy to feel like just another number. Seek suppliers who view the relationship as a partnership! Regular on-site visits, a deep understanding of your unique needs, and a genuine investment in your success? That’s what we’re talkin’ about! Support Beyond the Bean The journey from wholesale coffee beans to the perfect cup is a long one. And throughout this process, you need a guide, a partner, a mentor. Suppliers that are in it for the long haul will be there for you every step of the way. From helping you choose the right beans to nailing the optimal recipe, their expertise becomes your strength. To Wrap Up Choosing the right wholesale coffee supplier for your cafe in Perth, or anywhere for that matter, is crucial. It’s not just about getting your stock of wholesale coffee beans. It’s about forging a partnership that ensures your cafe thrives, standing out amidst the competition. So, whether you’re just starting out or looking to up your coffee game, take a deep dive into what potential suppliers offer. And hey, why not reach out for a chat with them? After all, the best deals (and ideas) often brew over a cup of coffee! ☕
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