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Learn more about our coffee roots & why we’re one of WA’s award winning coffee roasters.

Here at brew coffee, we are...

Dedicated about supplying delicious, freshly roasted 100% Arabica coffee.

Since 2003, our coffee journey has been extensive. From supporting cafes and their owners to training future baristas and helping hard-working family businesses thrive within the coffee industry, we’ve seen it all. The thing that keeps us going? A deep passion for the coffee we lovingly source, roast and amazing people we get to meet along the way.

Brewing good times since 2003

We’re an Australian-owned, family-run coffee roaster located in Wangara, just north of Perth. Operating a busy in-house café, HACCP-certified roasting facility, barista academy and equipment showroom, we supply to cafes and businesses across Perth and select speciality fresh food markets.

We’re passionate about coffee, our people, and our community and are committed to delivering ethically sourced, sustainable coffee, building strong relationships with our suppliers, and ensuring our farming partners and their communities are nurtured and protected.

Our team brings to the table a high level of expertise and excellence to coffee roasting, packing, distribution and café and retail consultation. Our experience in the café and retail industry is vast, and our team is highly skilled in supporting café start-ups and operational improvements with high volume or multi-site cafes as well as providing owners support with professional advice to assist with the success of their business.

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Brew Coffee Roasters passionate barista serving up delicious coffee in Perth

We love great coffee

Our greatest love is roasting coffee for people, so we have a range of blends and single origins to cater to everyone’s tastes and palate. Our staple blends have been enjoyed in cafes and people’s homes across Perth and Australia for years. Our blends stretch from dark to medium espresso roasts focusing on rich, textural coffee best enjoyed as espresso to blends that also combine smoothly with milk or your favourite alternative milk. Along with our blends, we also have a range of rotating seasonal single-origin coffees and micro-lots. These tend to be roasted lighter for filter brewing and espresso, highlighting the unique characteristics of the coffee. We are incredibly proud to say our master roaster has been awarded gold, silver and bronze in several roasting competitions over the past five years.

We love our people & our planet

Here at Brew Coffee Roasters, we are committed to sustainability and ensuring we have the lowest carbon footprint we possibly can. Investing in and maintaining positive working relationships with our suppliers and, in turn, our coffee farmers is wildly important to us. We actively support initiatives such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, and certified organic practices, and in the past, we have been involved with the Young Farmers Project.

Sustainability initiatives implemented in our business to minimise our impact on the environment include recycling all our packaging and boxes, giving our coffee-roasted by-product husks and cafe-used grounds to a local third-party business to be recycled into compost and mulch, providing coffee tubs to cafes, moving all our retail coffee pouches to soft plastic recyclable bags and stocking eco-packaging products such as cups, lids and straws. Our coffee roasters are all fitted with an afterburner that converts all carbon dioxide and other fumes created in the roasting process into liquid oxygen, so there are no damaging emissions released into the air.

This is how we brew it

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Whether you’re a new Perth cafe on the lookout for a wholesale coffee provider or simply looking to elevate your coffee game, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out for a chat. The coffee is on us.