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Our Brew Cafe, nestled at 12/9 Inspiration Dr, Wangara, serves up some of the best coffee Perth has to offer. Join us every Monday to Friday from 6am to 3pm for epic brews, good vibes and tasty treats. Want to recreate the magic at home? All of our signature Perth coffee beans are available for purchase, alongside all the gear you'll need to make it happen.

Full heart and a full belly

Experience Perth coffee culture at its best

Our passionate baristas at Brew Coffee Roasters dedicate themselves to serving up the most delicious coffee Perth has to offer. Meet our team members who are all about churning out award-winning coffee beans, making us a beacon for those chasing the best coffee in Perth!

Can you think of a better way to jump-start your workday than with a breakfast bagel and the best coffee in Perth? We sure can’t! Stocked with an array of mouth-watering goodies that’ll keep your belly happy, it’s no surprise our Brew Cafe is the go-to pit stop for Wangara workers and Perth coffee lovers.

Beat the Perth coffee rush, order ahead!

Our award-winning brews, BLTs, bagels, and baked delights, capture the essence of Perth coffee culture. Whether you flick us a quick text, or prefer to order ahead using the Skip app, we ensure our Perth coffee lovers get their fix without all the extra fuss.
Delicious Perth iced coffee from Brew Coffee Roasters

A South American Blend. Balanced, smooth body with notes of hazelnut and milk chocolate.

Suited for

Espresso + milk based

The Brew Store

Finagro Anaerobic From $16.00
Café Femenino From $16.00
Guji Dikitu From $16.00
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Curious about what makes our coffee Perth’s best, the journey from bean to cup, or tips on finding the right bean for you? You’re in the right spot. Delve deeper into the heart of the Brew Coffee experience and reach out to our passionate crew today!

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Brew Coffee Roasters' talented coffee crew brewing up delicious, award-winning Perth coffee beans